Christian Rites of Passage

  • Christian Rites of Passage

Our Christian Rites of Passage Program is designed to support parents in preparing their sons and daughters for the responsibility of adulthood.  In creative and developmentally appropriate ways, each session will address psychological, cultural, academic, social and religious themes your children need to understand in order for them to safely transition into adulthood.

The Pavilion of God’s Rites of Passage program is an experiential and dialogical Christian program that is designed to lead African American boys socially and spiritually into manhood: a status of responsibility earned rights and privileges with corresponding duties and obligations to God and society. The axis on which the program pivots is a set of eight principles borrowed from traditional African rites of passage programs, namely:

  • Love for God, self, and others
  • Respect for self and others
  • Honor for all God has made
  • Strength to soar above distractions
  • Wisdom to know what is right
  • Courage to stand up for what is right
  • Patience to take your turn
  • Pride in who you are
  • Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee provides advice and technical guidance to the Pastor for the care and maintenance of the rented space that the Pavilion uses for regular worship and/or any space the Pavilion use for it ministry and church activities.

Though the Pavilion does not own property, we are committed to embracing and demonstrating good stewardship of the space we rent or use.

Deacon Charles Withers is a property management specialist and guides and directs the priorities and details the specific responsibilities of this committee. To serve on this committee, please contact Deacon Charles Withers, 202-365-2842